So I begin…

29 Aug

I’ve decided to go for a freewriting journal that will help relax the muscles of the mind and to unscrumble the cluster of streams of consciousness and language.

I will usually just write words, sentences, phrases or symbols in the order that my stream of consciousness takes me.

This being my first entry will be a guide of general broad thoughts that I constantly linger on. From here I’ll disect sections of my thoughts and use as inspiration for latter blogs.

So I begin…

lives are changing fast; time goes by, a goal, a dream, a destination, a mission to succeed, for better…      hard work, stress, agony, strain SHUT DOWN. Gloomy, withered flower, melancholy, unhappy, atrophy, confusion, is it worthwhile?

Who cares? Anybody, but me.  How about love?  Intimacy.

What is life? Family, kids?  Education, career, community? Constant battle, conflict – stop philosophizing – just do!     DON’T QUESTION ???? Inquisition – looking for answers.

Purpose, aim, goal!  Selfishness or selflessness? Alone, desolate, hermit?!  sharing, friendship, relationships. PERFECTION, fulfillment,  – norms, rules, criterion?  Freedom – ‘expression

Pressure – society, family – mismatch ,incongruent, imbalance.  black sheep. Perceived as odd, weird? Differing levels? Contrast.  UNDERSTANDING!

Boundaries  – restrictions –heavy weight – stress, pain.     AGAIN – alone…

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